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"From somewhere in Cyberspace to all points on the compass its the On Computers Radio Show."

Join our IRC Chat Room!
The server is irc.starchat.net and the channel is #oncomputers. If you wish, you can use our CGI chat located at http://www.starchat.net/chat/?chan=oncomputers. For information on how to configure mIRC, click here. PLEASE NOTE: Replace chat.oncomputers.info with irc.starchat.net.

We are now resellers for NOD32 Anti-Virus.
We from the OnComputers Radio show feel this is the best Anti-Virus program on the market at this time. It checks for Virus updates every hour if your online. If you are on a dial up or you don't leave your computer online all of the time as soon as you connect it checks for updates. Not like some other popular Anti-Virus programs that only look for updates once a week. It runs in the background and you will never know it's running. We are not trying to get rich, We are selling it to help support the OnComputers Radio show. To buy NOD32 Anti-Virus please go to http://AlaskaJoe.com/NOD32/

Rules for giveaways:
Anyone wanting to enter must email full REAL Name and Shipping address - including a telephone number (since the shippers now require it). Entries with missing data or nicknames will be rejected. Only ONE entry per name or address, duplicates will be rejected. A name will be picked at random from the list on Friday evening or Saturday and the winners announced in the Newsgroups and on the website and on the show on Sunday.

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