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It is with deep regret that we must inform everyone of the passing of our friend and colleague, Jack "daWabbit" Imsdahl on the morning of July 20th, 2008. Jack succumbed to liver cancer.

Anyone wishing to send a tribute to Jack may do so by emailing memorial@oncomputers.info.

Please click here for a message of thanks from Jayna.

Please click here for a message of gratitude from Jayna.

Copies of messages sent will be posted here as well as forwarded to Jayna.

There will be a Wiping Off Ceremony for Jack in Ft Worth on Saturday, October 25th. Please click here for the official invitation as well as RSVP information. Please RSVP to jayna@oncomputers.info by October 1st.
The hosts will be staying at the Residence Inn, Ft. Worth Alliance airport for the weekend.

Jayna is looking for assistance in honoring Jack's final wishes to be laid to rest in South Dakota. She needs your help with expenses, (Air fare, Hotel and car rental). Anyone wishing to help, please click on the Donate button.

The following comments were sent in Jack's tribute:

"Jayna from all of us on the OnComputers staff we are sorry to lose Jack, he was a big part of the show. We will all miss him I know not as much as you will. May the maker's light shine on Jack forever."
- Joe

I think about all the times that Jack was there for me when things weren't going so well. I only pray that once in a while, I was able to return the favor. I'll miss all the little things, but the little things will also remind me. Today I updated Spywareblaster, and of course it was Jack who told me about Spywareblaster in the first place. Stuff like that will come up over and over again in the days to come, and each thing however small, will be a precious memory.
There are a few things about Jack that stand out to me. One was his love and devotion to you Jayna, and the other was his sense of humor. I especially loved both of those things about him. Of course there is so much more, like his technical knowledge, his writing, his "nose for news", your "babies" Serenity and Stella, his computer in the shower, and how he could take a pile of parts and make them into something that worked. At least that's a start.
To Jack: I'll miss you. Thanks for everything. Rest well. You did good.
-Gail Allinson

While I never had the pleasure to meet Jack in person I was always looking forward to the time when I could complete my perception with a visual image. I was very much looking forward to his coming to the Las Vegas Geek Meet; I wanted to put the pieces of the puzzle together, somehow complete something, but I was not sure what it was, just a missing piece. I always felt a bond with Jack that somehow transcended an actual meeting. Sitting here now I realize Jack's passing has added a new dimension to my consciousness. While I have had several friendships develop since entering into this thing we call cyber-space. It has just now come to mind how wonderful this place is, we develop our friendships without the judgmental process of visual assessment. When we meet someone in person it is our nature to make so many assumptions based on that initial visual assessment. Our society has trained our mind to judge a person based on that visual image. Trained through the various forms of media, from magazines, to movies, the reactions of family and friends we observe, we learn from child hood all of our little prejudices based on what someone looks like, usually we have many misconceptions to overcome before we learn much about who people they really are. The interactions we have it the cyber-world are based solely on our assessment of the other persons personality stripped naked of that visual image, which in reality is only an avatar we use in public. The internet teaches us to look past the avatar, find the depth of the soul we are relating to. When I consider how much Jack meant to so many people, many who had little physical contact with him, and I see the high regard they held him in, it seems apparent there was much depth to his soul, I can only say I will miss him, and the only regret I have in knowing him, is not to have known him better

Jack was one of those quiet people who caused you to stop and listen. He commanded attention and respect based on what he knew and the way he expressed it. He was a man of ideas, not just a collector of information, but with significant analysis and insight.
He was always a gentleman, a rarity in our coarse culture. And Jack overcame his physical limitations to help many, many people with patience and humor. I always greatly enjoyed the time we spent together, even in cyberspace.
Jack touched all of us at the On Computers show. His passing leaves a hole in our hearts. I am deeply saddened at the loss of Jack, and send my deepest condolences to Jayna.
- Peter S. Kastner

"So sorry to hear the news. Very sad. I am so sorry. May he rest in peace and may his memories comfort you."
- Rachel

"I want to express my sympathies at the passing of your husband Jack. I personally received great service at his hands. He was very knowledgeable and willing to help any one who asked. He will be greatly missed. Time will help you to focus on the good times and lose track of the difficulties. I am sure that he is in a better place now than he has been in for a long time."
- LeMar Longhurst, aka Phantom

I was sad to hear the news. Jack will be missed. My sympathies go out to Jayna. One thing I always admired about Jack, he always seemed to have a positive attitude about just about everything. Rest in peace Jack.
- Mopguy

I am sad to hear of Jack's passing. I wish Jayna peace in knowing his great suffering is over. I will miss his thorough, unbiased reports for the show. His mid-week instant messages with current questions, just confirmed his passion for any and all computer related items. Jamie and I were fortunate to meet him in person several times. We will miss him.
- Tony Linguini

Hello, my name is Tony and I've talked to Jack on skype with Joe and Aaron many times and he was the smartest guy I knew, I'm very sorry to hear about his passing, my prayers are with you and your family.
-Tony Amorosi

First off, My heart goes out to Jayna and Jack's family....Anything I can do to help, you know just let me know. He will be greatly and deeply missed by all who knew him. The world needs more people like him, he'd give you the shirt off his back without 2nd thought. He was a spirited blend of intelligence and comedy, always there to help with either computer trouble or just life in general.
For those of you who didn't know him, let me sum up how enjoyable he was in a short story....
When I first came to Talkshop, I was amazed at how much he knew about computers. As time went by, I kept hanging out so he decided to have a little fun with me. He tried to convince me that gooie (Rob) was only in the chat room because the asylum ran out of crayons...lol It was with that statement, our friendship took off. It always meant so much to me that he held my opinion in such high regard. I learned computers at an exponential rate due to him, Deepak, Jane, Joe, and Gari. It was very neat to have him pick my brain, as much as I did his. He was the king and I do mean "King" of freeware apps, nobody on earth could come up with more helpful solutions. His hardware ability would stagger even TV's MacGyver...<G>
So in closing, let me say this.....
I will miss him so greatly people will probably never comprehend. But he's left a lasting impression on me, full of wisdom and the occasionally "one liners". So now we send you off to heaven where you and Deepak can manage the great broadband network of the ages in the sky.....
Till we meet again my friend.....
- Nate
AKA Giant_One

First of all - to you, Jayna... My deepest regrets and best wishes.
If ever I met a couple that was "made for each other", it'd be you and Jack. Thank you for being there for him these last few months which, I'm sure, wasn't easy. May God be with you both, always...
I only got to know daWabbit fairly recently; first met in person at Geek Meet '05 and instantly became great friends. I can't even say how much I've enjoyed our numerous discussions ranging from computers and Linux (of course) to family stuff, politics, etc., etc. I'm truly glad to have known you, Jack, and the selfish part of me wants you back among us but the part of me that knows better is thankful that you no longer suffer in pain. And in a real sense, you do live on, because we all remember you with great fondness and appreciation and will continue to do so; you're a part of us. So long, old friend.
- John Boston

I was sorry to read of Jack's death, I'd like to send my sympathies to his family.
I'll miss listening to him either live or via the download. Listening to jack week after week talk about Linux, made me have a look at this 'new' OS, and I quite liked what I saw.
I now run Linux on my main PC, my laptop and my EEEpc, and tried it on various low powered systems, and I've even started to try different versions on VirtualBox.
So thanks again Jack, I've learnt alot and tried to pass on to other people as much information as I've learnt from you and the other members of the Oncomputers show.
- Trythat

My sincere sympathies for your loss.
Jack was the first person online to treat me like a person & not an idiot newbie. He will be missed.
- Céline Kapi'olani

I just got back from vacation and just saw this email. My heart is extremely saddened. Although I was only able to meet Jack and Jayna the one time in Boston, I considered him a dear friend. I know that everyone associated with the oncomputers family will miss him very much.
-Rick Wilson

Dear Jayna,
My deepest sympathy to you on Jack’s passing. He was unfailingly kind to me and a valued friend. Even though we never met in person, I feel deep sadness at his passing. He was a talented writer, and I will miss him.
I’m in Plano, having evacuated from Louisiana for Hurricane Gustav. The power has finally been turned on (this afternoon), and Hubby and I are heading back home. Whenever I’ve been here, I’d think of you and Jack, and often wished we could make connection to meet.
My prayers and thoughts are with you and your family and his.
God bless you.
-Pat Crochet

You have my condolences - Jack is a loss to us all. I have fond memories of his company whilst in #writingwest on Chatnet.
I remember him for his Friendliness and his talent.
Ben Adler aka NickDangr



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